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    2023-2024 Chinese Government Scholarship is now open for Application from British Columbia

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    The 2023-2024 Chinese Government Scholarship is now open for application. Education and Culture Office,Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Vancouver together with Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training of British Columbia will be responsible for the preliminary evaluation.

    Online application and paper documents are both needed. The deadline for both online application and receiving paper documents is February 11, 2023.

    Please click the following website for details.




    An online application must be completed by each applicant prior to the deadline. A hard copy of the application must be included in the package sent to the International Education Unit in the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training of British Columbia. 

    The deadline for receiving applications for the 2023 academic year (commencing September 2023) is February 11, 2023.

    Applications should be mailed to:

    Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training

    Strategic Policy and Initiatives Branch

    International Education Unit

    PO Box 9157 STN PROV GOVT

    4th Floor - 835 Humboldt Street

    Victoria BC V8W 9H2


    Email: AEST.CorporatePlanningInternationalandQualityAssurance@gov.bc.ca

    Online Application:

    Please carefully read the instructions before online applying for the scholarship.

    Step 1: Visit “CSC Study in China” website and click “Scholarship Application for Students”at http://www.campuschina.org

    Register an account through [CREATE AN ACCOUNT] and login with your account.

    Step 2: Input Personal Details. Click “Edit Personal Details”and finish inputting personal details by filling in all the information, verifying and saving the information. After the completion of this section, return to the previous page by clicking “Finish” and start filling in your application information.

    Step 3: Select the correct “Program Category”.

    Please select Program Category “Type A”.

    Step 4: Input the correct Agency Number.

    Your Agency Number is: 1242

    Program Category and Agency Number are directly matched, both are mandatory for online application.

    After inputting agency number, the matched agency name will automatically show on the page. As Program Category and Agency Number are directly matched, application processing authorities will not receive your online application if the program category or agency number are not correct.

    Step 5: Input Application Information

    Next, please move on to the section of “Language Proficiency and Study Plan” and upload “Supporting Documents” as requested, then click “Submit” to complete the application. Check each part of your application carefully before submission. Please make sure that all the information and uploaded documents are valid and accurate.

    When applicants of “Type A” application choose the “Preferences of Institutes”, system will automatically match the available universities according to the selected “Student Category, Preferred teaching language”. With any inquiry concerning the available majors ofeach university, please visit the following website.


    “Catalog of Discipline Field, First-level Discipline, Specialty” is available from the “Help”, applicants could download the file to identify the relation between Discipline and Major.

    Step 6: Once submitted, amendment cannot be made on “Personal Details” and “Application Information”.

    Before the application being processed by the processing authorities, applicant can revoke the submitted application by clicking “Withdraw” and edit the application. After revoking the application, applicant must submit at second time after re-editing, or the application will not be processed. Once the application is processed,  application cannot be revoked.

    Step 7: Click” Print the Application Form” and download the form.

    Step 8: Submit hard copy of the scholarship application under the requirements of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training of British Columbia. (for details)

    Notes: Application with incorrect Agency Number will not be processed.

    Please use Firefox or Internet Explorer (11.0).

    For applicants using Internet Explorer, please close the “compatible view mode” function ahead of editing.

    Please fill in all application information in Chinese or English.

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